EPC Services for Bioethanol, Biobutanol, Biojet Fuel, Renewable Diesel, Biochemical and Biomass-driven Processes

Fluor has assembled an integrated cross-industry team to address the needs of biofuels clients with innovative, flexible and cost-effective approaches.


Our experienced staff will work with your team to address process technology and scale-up challenges regardless of the technology route - fermentation, thermochemical or algae. Fluor's fully integrated approach addresses process blocks of a biofuels plant by leveraging our deep cross-industry resources in the areas of material handling, pulp and paper processing, industrial fermentation, reactor engineering, pyrolysis and gasification, fuels processing, chemical purification, solar power, combined power and heat and wastewater treatment.


A start-up technology company's needs are different from those of a mature firm. Our team is ready to listen to you, address your needs and be your partner along your development path. Whether it is a small technical study, a preliminary cost estimate for your potential investors or detailed engineering, Fluor will help meet your requirements in a flexible manner.


Cost is a major concern for most emerging technologies and start-up firms, and we are committed to providing the most cost-effective designs and solutions that meet your goals. Whether evaluating lower cost plant configurations, looking for ways to reduce overall energy consumption or lowering material costs, our team is here to support you.

At Fluor, our commitment to the biofuels market is not merely a business decision; it is a philosophy that our company holds as part of our overall sustainability commitment.