Community Impact Report Q2 2020

Understanding Racism and Inequities

Achieving racial equity might be one of the most significant issues that communities and companies will tackle in the coming decade. Fluor’s Community Relations staff are working with local community partners and participating in conversations about racism and inequities to address these challenges.

In Greenville, South Carolina, staff joined Greenville County’s 21 Day Equity Challenge, sponsored by Greenville Partnership for Philanthropy and the NonProfit Alliance, providing an opportunity for nonprofits and funders to deepen their understanding of racism and inequities both nationally and locally. Meeting convener, Mercy Goods, invited staff in Houston, Texas to participate in community conversations about systemic racism aimed at educating and creating resources for the public in Fort Bend County. Fluor’s Calgary, Alberta, Canada office hosted a series of workshops during Canada’s National Indigenous History Month.

Q2 2020

YTD By the Numbers

  • 24,072 students receiving STEM awareness/training
  • 72 STEM teacher training
  • 279,881 meals provided
  • 21,600 individuals receiving preventative and emergency services
  • 2,021 trees & shrubs planted

Total Number of Employee Volunteer Hours

Fluor employees volunteered 1,551 hours in Q2 2020.

Feature Story: Restoring a Green Habitat from a Dump Site - Sikanderpur Eco Restoration and Habitat Conservation Project

By consciously adopting environment sustainability as a key result area and responding to the emerging urgency to preserve deteriorating natural resources, Fluor's New Delhi office is helping restore a green habitat that has been lost to rampant urbanization.

Fluor is providing resources to restore the surrounding ecology by undertaking an integrated project on eco-restoration of the forest belt and water bodies located within a two-kilometer radius of Fluor’s Gurgaon office southwest of New Delhi in northern India.

Fluor is partnering with the NGO IAmGurgaon on its Sikanderpur Eco Restoration Project to restore the forest and develop the Sikanderpur pond and watershed into a wetland and biodiversity hotspot with clean water and forestation, thereby creating one continuous green belt for the city of Gurgaon. The restoration of the forest belt started in 2018 with 3,000 trees planted, and an additional 2,000 in 2019. The physical cleaning of the pond and adjacent areas are currently in progress.

400 Tons of Waste Removed, Reused and Recycled

Fluor's New Delhi office Corporate Social Responsibility contribution of $42,000 USD and IAmGurgaon’s deployment of machinery and manual support for clean-up and segregation of materials supported the first phase of removing the garbage that has been dumped in that area for decades. Approximately 400 tons of waste including plastic and construction and demolition waste has been removed, reused or recycled.

With an additional $53,000 USD commitment, Fluor will continue to support the project’s overall vision to redevelop the land into a bio-diversity hotspot that will eventually transform the decades old toxic waste site into a thriving green belt for the citizens of Gurgaon.

“I’m happy to see the progress made on this project and look forward to planting trees with Fluor volunteers again this year,” said Maithreyi Swaminathan, office controller, Fluor's New Delhi office.

Fluor’s partnership with IAmGurgaon on its Sikanderpur Eco Restoration Project is a prime example of how we carry out stewardship of the environment beyond our business practices by supporting organizations that protect, maintain and restore environmental habitats.

An area of the dump site before waste removal An area of the dump site before waste removal


Sikanderpur pond after waste removal in and around the pond Sikanderpur pond after waste removal in and around the pond

Media, Awards and Recognition

  • The Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas recognized and promoted the Fluor Engineering Challenge by offering a Fluor Engineering patch for completing the curriculum.
  • The Unicorn structure created by the Fluor Southern California Canstruction® team placed second in the 2019 International Canstruction Competition for Best Use of Labels
  • The Calgary office’s Canstruction team received 3rd place for Structural Ingenuity for their 2019 entry in the International Canstruction Competition
  • Eight Fluor employees were recognized at OneOC’s Virtual Spirit of Volunteerism Awards in Southern California for their outstanding volunteer service in 2019
Fluor’s Southern California team won 2<sup>nd</sup> place for Best Use of Labels in the 2019 International Canstruction Competition

Fluor’s Southern California team won 2nd place for Best Use of Labels in the 2019 International Canstruction Competition