Fluor Addresses Environmental Impacts.

As a reflection of its concern for sustainability and social responsibility, Fluor conducts business to meet the needs of clients and stakeholders today, while at the same time protecting and enhancing the human and natural resources that will be needed tomorrow. Environmental issues have a significant impact on the global business landscape, through the challenges they present to governments, the private sector and the public. Fluor strives to meet these challenges, by understanding our role in the global economy and economic growth. Of particular significance, Fluor has calculated its global carbon footprint and is reducing its carbon emissions through energy efficiencies, recycling activities and conservation efforts.

Carbon Footprint

Fluor has developed its baseline global carbon footprint and tracks emissions annually. To facilitate the measurement of future carbon emissions, Fluor also created an annual data collection methodology system to measure, monitor and manage corporate emissions.

Fluor Actions to Minimize Environmental Impact

Fluor works closely with clients, partners and suppliers to understand how to minimize environmental impacts, including working to improve the energy efficiency of its own offices. Drawing on results from the calculation of its emissions profile, Fluor has implemented strategies to manage its global carbon footprint.