Sustainability Report

Fluor’s sustainability mission is to conduct business in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner to the benefit of current and future generations. Sustainability is integrated in our business practices, and our employees are engaged in delivering the mission. Our strong socially responsible corporate identity allows Fluor to achieve its purpose of building and sustaining the global community and providing value for our stakeholders.

Clients rely on Fluor to help address sustainability challenges and issues, including the need to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and design and build more environmentally friendly, less costly manufacturing facilities. Our clients expect ethical conduct; high levels of employee knowledge and expertise; excellence in health, safety and environmental matters; a proactive approach to community involvement; and an aggressive supply chain and procurement methodology.

Fluor Sustainability Report

Driven by our Core Values of safety, integrity, teamwork and excellence, Fluor has long been a leader in the global construction industry. Every day, we strive to set the standard for safety and sustainability, ethical performance, operational excellence and industry innovation, providing clients and partners the confidence that only a global leader can deliver.
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Fluor's 2018 GRI Table accompanies the 2018 Sustainability Report "Transforming the World". In this document, Fluor reports on those GRI Standards relevant to its business operations and measurable in 2018.
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